What is Blue Stake?


Arizona Blue Stake performs excavation information and education for public safety to prevent underground equipment damage. Following all state requirements. Blue Stake works with homeowners, professional excavators, facility owners, operators, designers, and landscapers in Arizona.

The main purpose of Blue Stake is to locate telecommunication, electric, or gas distribution lines to ensure public safety. By visiting their website at www.azbluestake.com, an individual or a business can create an online ticket with Blue Stake to identify areas of concern on a property before any digging or construction occurs. The service is free and completion is required before any excavation projects can begin. Once a ticket has been created with Arizona Blue Stake, a facility owner or operator in the area will either mark their underground utilities or indicate a “No Conflict” status at the property. Once the property has been marked or “blue staked,” the homeowner or business can begin their excavating project while addressing any areas of concern.

It is important to remember that an individual or company digging on a property can be held civilly liable for damages and may be prosecuted for any criminal violations. In short, this means that individuals who dig a trench or hole without clearing it with Arizona Blue Stake could end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, get served judgments, and even spend time in prison.

Blue Stake Colors

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