Who regulates the natural gas and the liquid propane Industry?

Natural Gas and Liquid Propane RegulationHave you ever wondered who regulates the natural gas and liquid propane industry? The best answer is “Lots of Entities and Jurisdictions.”

Anything relating to drilling, processing, refining, and transporting oil and gas, is regulated by federal, state, county, and city agencies. Below is a list of agencies directly involved with the natural gas and liquid propane industry. Each one of these agencies has hundreds of laws, rules, and regulations to protect and regulate the natural gas and liquid propane industry.

Natural Gas and Propane Regulation Agencies:

Federal Agency Gas Pipeline Regulation

U.S / Federal Government Agencies:

  1. US Environmental Protection Administration
  2. US Department of Labor
  3. US Department of Transportation
  4. US Federal Emergency Management Agency
  5. US Department of Energy
  6. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  7. Federal Trade Commission
  8. US Department of State
  9. Internal Revenue Service
  10. Department of Homeland Security
  11. US Federal Power Commission
  12. US Department of Agriculture
  13. US Attorney’s Office

Arizona State Government Agencies:

Arizona State Agency Regulations

  1. Arizona Corporation Commission
  2. Arizona Public Service Commission
  3. Arizona State Fire Marshal
  4. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  5. Arizona Department of Weights & Measures
  6. Arizona State Land Department
  7. Arizona Register of Contractors
  8. Arizona Attorney General’s Office

Maricopa County Arizona

City of Phoenix / Maricopa County Agencies:

  1. Maricopa County Planning & Zoning
  2. Maricopa County Attorney’s Office
  3. Maricopa County Fire Districts
  4. City of Phoenix Planning and Zoning Department
  5. City of Phoenix Fire Department
  6. Phoenix City Attorney’s Office

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