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Electricity To Your Light Bulb

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

How many times a day do you flip a light switch on or off? We all know the answer to that… many, many times. Have you ever wondered what happens between point A and point B to get the electricity from its source to the light bulb?

Light BulbFirst, an Electrical Generating Plant must be built to harness the electricity needed for the surrounding area. Once the power plant is built, the electric distribution power lines will move the electricity from the power plant to a building using an aboveground or underground electric power line. When the power line is connected to a building, an electrician will install wires going to every outlet, light fixture and light switch. Finally, you can flip a light switch and a light will turn on.

RP Companies is a full service electrical contractor that specializes in getting electricity from the source to your light bulb. They can complete everything from building an electrical generating plant, to running the distribution power lines, to connecting the power lines to a building. They have the equipment and skilled manpower to provide a project with all aspects of the installation from the underground to all the above ground electrical services.

electriciansRP Companies electrical division offers the following services: new construction, aerial and burial, duct banks, load centers, services pedestals, solar systems, cable placements, distribution centers, grounding, emergency repairs, electrical trouble shooting, interior and exterior lighting, lighting retro fits, remodel and tenant improvements, 24-hours service, backup generators installation, critical power, equipment hookups, electrical preventative maintenance and code compliance and upgrades.

Contact RP Companies today at 602-252-1635 for all your electrical needs. They maintain the crews and equipment to meet your electrical and construction needs.